Exceptional Foods.

At Kernel & Roast, you’ll discover the world’s finest regional delicacies. We constantly travel the globe scouting for talented artisans and growers who share our essential belief; when foods are natural and organic our experiences of them are richer and more pleasurable – their pure beauty, intense aromas and deeper flavours are incredible.

Welcome to Kernel & Roast, where we invite you to discover exceptional foods, naturally.


Carefully selected nuts from artisanal farms, gently slow-roasted for a richer, creamier flavour. Luscious tree, vine and tropical fruits, gathered from the world’s best sun-drenched orchards, then traditionally air-dried to enhance their natural sweetness.

Lokum, Halva &

Deliciously indulgent confections and artisan candies from around the world, including authentic Turkish Lokum, hand-crafted in small batches using traditional methods and the purest natural ingredients.

Handmade Chocolate

Rich, velvety-smooth milk and dark chocolates, made by hand using the finest blend of slow-roasted cocoa beans for a delectable taste and unparalleled depth of flavour.

Artisanal Coffee

Intense and complex-flavoured Arabica coffee beans sourced from high-altitude microlot farms, then bespoke roasted, according the variety of the bean, at the moment of peak flavour.

Teas & Infusions

Intensely-flavoured fruit, herbal and botanical teas and infusions, prepared according to centuries-old methods using ancient plant species grown in the fertile soils of the Mediterranean region.


Nutritious organic lentils, beans and pulses, chosen for their superior taste and texture, harvested from the fertile plains between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.


Unique and complex, delicately-flavoured organic honey of incredible purity, produced by colonies of rare-breed Caucasus bees, roaming freely in the natural, unspoilt paradise of the Camili Basin, high in the Eastern Black Sea Mountains.

Jams & Marmalades

Exquisite, all-natural, fruit-rich preserves, made with the succulent fruits of Antalya, picked at the pinnacle of ripeness and slowly hand-prepared to traditional recipes by the Alpagot family, jam-makers for over 100 years.

Olive Oil

Organic single batch Extra-Virgin and Early Harvest olive oils sourced from small olive groves across the old and new world, each with a rich flavour and aroma unique to its terroir.