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About Kernel & Roast

Presenting the world’s finest artisan produce


At Kernel & Roast, we invite you to think of us as Nature’s storehouse. Carefully sourcing the highest quality natural and organic foods from around the world, we exclusively procure sustainable, handcrafted products that you can be sure are good for people and planet in equal measure. 


Europe’s first farmers tilled the fertile earth of Anatolia, a land that’s been providing some of the world’s finest agricultural produce for millennia. At Kernel & Roast, we continue this distinguished tradition by bringing the fruits of these sun-drenched farms to discerning food-lovers around the world. 


Our specially selected gourmet foods take you on a delectable journey through some of the world’s most exquisite regional tastes, from sumptuous Aegean figs to rich Gaziantep pistachios, fresh Gokceada olive oil from family-owned orchards to heavenly honey from high in the UNESCO Camili Biosphere Reserve.


Browse our online emporium and have the finest tastes and smells of Anatolia and beyond delivered to your home. Or, if the mood takes you, come and experience the warmth and hospitality of our multi-sensory interactive store, where you can learn about the roasting and baking processes we use and sample our delightful products in special tastings and workshops before you buy.


Presenting The World's Best Agricultural Produce

Kernel & Roast is the world’s most immersive multi-sensory food and drink emporium for natural and organic foods. A visit to the store allows shoppers to experience the finest products, carefully sourced from talented artisans and growers from across the globe, served with exceptional warm, generous hospitality.


300 Stores in 10 Countries Within 5 Years!

With a vision to be one of the world’s leading retail brands of natural and organic products, Kernel & Roast aims to have 300 stores in 10 countries within 5 years.


Helping The World's Best Agricultural Products Achieve The Status And Prestige They Deserve

Every item at Kernel & Roast has been handpicked for its quality ... hazelnuts, apricots, pistachios, figs, dried fruits, oilve oils and many other high quality agricultural products that have been grown with care on fertile soils across the globe.



The 5 Basic Principles Which Guide Us

1-Provide products which are beneficial to people and the planet.

2-Offer products discovered and carefully selected around the world.

3-Create a store environment based on interactive and sensory experiences.

4-Provide easy access to handcrafted and gourmet delicacies.

5-Offer warm, generous and welcoming service based on hospitality.