DEVONIA TEAS – Kernel & Roast
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Ancient roots. Modern wisdom.

Cultivated on the fertile, pre-glacial soils of Anatolia, the herbs that go into Devonia Teas have ancient roots. Grown in soil untouched by the last Ice Age, using methods passed down from generation to generation, they’re at the peak of their genetic development. Our friends at Devonia Teas harvest these incredible ingredients when they’re at their most flavourful and then carefully dry them to exacting standards using the latest science and technology.

Using this powerful combination of ancient roots and modern wisdom, Devonia Teas have created a premium range of medicinal herbal teas that support your health and wellbeing. Each delicious formulation is made with medicinal plant species that have been traditionally used in Europe since time immemorial, backed by a scientific team and studies that prove their benefits.