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High plateau organic honey from the UNESCO Camili Basin

Camili Bee honey is no ordinary organic honey. It hails from high in the Camili Basin, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve where pure-breed Caucasus bees roam freely and use their unusually long proboscises to collect pollen from deep within the flowers of linden, acacia, rhododendrons and the numerous other flora found in this verdant region. In this unspoilt high mountain landscape, a dedicated community of beekeepers produces honey of unimaginable purity and a uniquely complex flavour.

Situated on the north-east borders of Turkey and Georgia, the Camili Basin is an environment almost entirely untouched by industry or pollution, making it honey bee heaven. Against this special backdrop, our local village beekeepers have been producing certified organic honey for generations, in a way that both minimises their environmental impact and creates better honey. We also work with the beekeepers to improve their livelihoods, making this honey that’s good for people, good for bees and good for the planet.

Even better, for every jar of delectable Camili Bee honey we sell, we donate €1 to TEMA, a foundation combatting soil erosion and protecting natural habitats in Turkey. That means that by choosing this honey, you’re helping to maintain the unique beekeeping ecosystem and economy of the Camili Basin, and helping save the Caucasus bee from extinction.