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Wholesome foods from the heart and soul of Anatolia

Our friends at Bacco love to cook and love to eat, but most of all they love to share the warmth and generosity of Anatolian hospitality through their finest quality dried legumes and soups. These wholesome, certified organic foods are all produced with love in Anatolia and made by harnessing traditional methods to minimise their environmental impact.

Bacco’s Tarhana soups are handmade by housewives in a family business near Kütahya in Western Turkey, using a hearty mixture of crushed wheat, yogurt, flour, fresh mint, peppers, onions, and tomatoes. This mixture is sun-dried on rooftops for several days before being crumbled by hand to create a filling instant soup rich in nutritional value, which can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Like Bacco, we believe that ethically sourced, organically produced food tastes better, and this is certainly true of their healthy, hearty white beans, bulgur wheat, black-eyed beans, and other deliciously wholesome dried legumes. Produced for discerning food-lovers who thrive on the joy of cooking, these ingredients come straight from the heart of Anatolia.